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A collaborative research platform which provides space for researchers and collaborators to discuss data concepts, track progress, be abreast with current trends and share the data. The academia i.e. researchers & students get valid problems from the industry to work upon and can also get data and collaborators from the industry on the same platform. In turn, the industry/organization gets their problem solved by the right skilled person. Cross disciplinary collaborative researches can be easily facilitated through our platform.


  • Provide an interface between researchers and other institutions.

  • Industry providing the problems/challenges and academia providing them the solutions through a simple web interface.

  • It offers new opportunities for collaboration and supports research work with up-to-date academic and market information.

  • Helps academia source funding, tools and necessary support from institutions and companies work on the common cause.

  • Solves strategic and tactical challenges impacting the different areas for research collaboration.

  • It is a platform where users identify issues impacting university-industry (U-I) relations and opportunities to develop new approaches to working together.

  • Connecting peers internationally.
Problem Statement

What kind of problems to tackle?

Will it be relevant to the current scientific trends?

What are the state-of-the-art methods?

Is there any opportunities for collaboration?

Is there any stakeholders, who are facing similar problem?

How to raise funds and resources (like tools and relevant labs) to conduct research?